SQL Encryptor can be used to deliver T-SQL applications without exposing the source code

T-SQL Encryptor protects your SQL scripts with just a few mouse-clicks

Questions about our product


We have decided that answering our customer's questions is the best way to show you exactly what our software is capable of. This website contains some of the most common questions we've received and our answers to them. If you feel that a certain area hasn't been covered in enough depth for you, feel free to use our support page and submit your question. We promise to reply promptly!
Q: Could you possibly explain what the benefits of using T-SQL Encryptor with SQL Server 2005 or Express would be? SQL Server 2005 seems to have better security and encryption capabilities than SQL 2000, so what additional functionality can your T-SQL Encryptor software provide?

SQL Server 2005 does, indeed, contain significant security improvements. However we feel that they place too much emphasis on data encryption. What T-SQL Encryptor does is encrypt your actual SQL code (stored procedures, functions, triggers and views). Sometimes it is more important to hide and protect the logic of application from being viewed/modified than to encrypt the data itself.

SQL Server 2005, as well as previous versions, can encrypt SQL code. However the source code can easily be recovered by using existing decryption tools.

Recently we have added a new feature to T-SQL Encryptor, which we call 'Secure SQL Scripting'. T-SQL Encryptor can create a totally garbled encrypted script which can only be run on a computer where T-SQL Encryptor is installed. This is useful when you need to update only a part of a customers database and do not want your scripts to be visible, even in the SQL Profiler.

Additionally we can use T-SQL Encryptor to create a custom encryption algorithm. So the database you give to your customer will not work if he just copies the database to another server. It will work only with YOUR COPY of T-SQL Encryptor installed.



Effectively hides your SQL source

Works transparently

Supports SQL Server 2005, Express, SQL Server 2000 and MSDE

Easy integration into existing projects

Secure SQL scripts distribution

Affordable prices: Buy a single Redistribution license and install T-SQL Encryptor for all your clients.